NCD road upgrades to continue

Road maintenance around the National Capital District will continue for the next 10 months as the country continues with APEC preparations.

APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko said the Government, through the assistance of the Chinese Government, is looking to build a boulevard as well as providing maintenance support to existing routes.

He re-affirmed that the country is APEC ready, particularly with the Prime Minister’s personal approach to APEC, further stating that the right people are in place to lead APEC 2018.

Tkatchenko said more experts will be engaged in many different areas in the next 10 months. From security to statistics, they will ensure everything is done properly and correctly.

It’s envisioned that after APEC 2018, policy and legislation will be derived to improve the country’s economy.

(The Sir William Skate Highway)

Meredith Kuusa