NCD Police refresher for members

The National Capital District police have started refresher courses for officers in supervisory roles.

Fourteen officers recently received certificates for undergoing the two-day course.

The refresher training for supervisors’ roles and responsibilities was the first but certainly not the last for this year.

Supported by Bel Isi PNG, the program started on Thursday, the 6th of June, and ended with the certification of police officers the next day.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, told the 14 senior constables and sergeants that the Royal PNG Constabulary depends on supervisors like them.

“You make the system work,” he said. “Once there’s discrepancy in your roles, we have a problem now on the ground.”

N’Dranou further challenged the officers to step up their game, telling them that if they do not perform then they are liabilities to the organisation.

Meantime, program coordinator, Snr Inspector Paul Kipak, said a lot of problems occur on ground when supervisors fail to effectively execute their roles.

“And especially when you get the court files, a lot of our cases have been thrown out. And the way forward now is to train our supervisors to get our members down and they do a professional job so we’ll avoid all the criticisms and complaints from the public and even from the courts as well,” he said.

“We have developed a scheduled training for NCD members until November.”

At least 25 trainings have been scheduled to be carried out for the duration of this year.

Among the topics of discussion would be the use of force in an effort to minimise the use of excessive force on members of the public.

The next training will run on Tuesday, after the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

Carmella Gware