NCD Police operations progressing: Turi

Police operations in the Nations’ Capital have been running smoothly and on a high note.

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, said a planning team had just put together a detailed tasking of the roles of each and every police officer in the city.

This also includes their responsibilities that they will be in charge of throughout the coming election events leading up to the polling and declaration of the seats.

“All police station commanders will be meeting on an update of their tasking and will also be given an opportunity to give their thoughts on the operational orders to finalise the duties for the areas of operation in the election period.”

Turi said the details will be printed out in the coming days after details have been finalised.

He also mentioned that an incident that involved a candidate and some supporters at Wildlife settlement was never reported to police.

However, it was sorted outside of the station by the candidate and the supporters.

Turi said apart from a few incidents that have happened in and around the city, police have been on point with their duties.

“No major incidents have been reported over the weekend,” he stated.

Annette Kora