NCD police boss rebukes officers

In an effort to restore command and control within the force, police station commanders within NCD have been directed to conduct parades once a month.

Metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, believes the best way to go is to get the basics right.

This morning, the NCD metropolitan superintendent conducted an inspection at the Six-Mile Police Station.

The Met Supt stressed on tidiness at the parade, rebuking officers with unpolished shoes, buai-stained teeth and those who were not wearing the police-issued beret. He even threw away an officer’s baseball cap.

“I see marked improvement from the last time I came to do inspection,” N’Dranou told those present. “But there are a lot of things that I did point out to you that you need to work on.

“As per our culture, anyone in uniform means you must come with the right pair of boots or shoes, trousers, belt, shirt and beret. Let me tell you, there are shops that are selling beret less than K30. So those that do not have a beret, you start looking for one.

“And maybe that would be one of my awards; if you do more arrests, maybe I can purchase you a pair of uniforms because the first station that I inspected, many of the police officers did not have a complete set of uniform.

“We should not be wearing baseball caps; baseball cap is not a police uniform. It’s only for field operations that we use that.”

N’Dranou told officers that they disrespect a parade when they are not properly attired.

He also stressed on punctuality, saying a number of times he had dropped by at 7 in the morning but there were no officers present.

The officers were told to get the basic things right, with the police boss saying he will be visiting Saraga from time to time.

Carmella Gware