NCD election containers opened

Containers containing the 2017 National General Election materials for the National Capital District were opened today following a court order.

The containers were kept under the close watch of the NCD Electoral officers.

The Court order comes after the Electoral Commission lawyer told court that they were having difficulties obtaining the keys for the containers.

This morning, under the supervision of the NCD Election Manager, Terence Hetinu, the containers were opened.

The process was witnessed by NCD Electoral officers, the petitioners; Michael Kandiu and Andy Bawa, with their lawyers and the Electoral Commission’s lawyers.

Supporters of both petitioners also lined the fence of the Electoral Commission office to get a glimpse of what was happening.

Before opening the containers, Hetinu explained that there are 9 containers from which two contain election materials for Central Province. 

He said only one container has the counting materials for the NCD Regional Seat but because the court order asks for 364 presiding officers’ journals, they therefore had to open all 7 containers for NCD.

While this newsroom was on site, the first container was opened. 

The interior was a mess, with ballot boxes and other materials stacked roughly together.

While the shocked crowd looked on, lawyer representing the Electoral Commission said if this is the case with other containers, sorting out the materials to find the journals and the other materials will take a few days.

She indicated that she will ask the court for further extension of time to submit these documents.

She however said they are ready to proceed with the objection to competency hearing.

The matter returns to Court tomorrow, Wednesday 6th of June.

Charmaine Poriambep