NCD Crime report for last 7 days

Seven different crimes were reported to Port Moresby police over the last seven days.

Reports were presented by the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou in a media briefing on Tuesday.

Crimes reported to police stations around Port Moresby include five reports of armed hold-up of cars, one report of grievous bodily harm, one report of rape, one report of illegal land grabbing, two reports of stealing, one report of false pretense and one report of official corruption.

N’Dranou said of the five vehicles that were stolen; only two were recovered, while investigations are still progressing into the whereabouts of the other three vehicles.

He said the rape case was quite unusual because it was alleged that a husband and a wife had strangled a young girl while the husband raped her.

The matter is now being investigated.

Meantime, the Met Supt adds that apart from these incidents there were usual minor crimes taking place such as fighting and disturbances that usually go on.

Annette Kora