NCD community surrenders firearm, ammunition

Police in the nation’s capital have reported positive progress in their partnership with the Morata suburb.

Their recent success story involves the recovery of a stolen firearm at Morata 4 by the community.

In a press briefing today at the Boroko Police Station, chief superintendent Perou N’Dranou commended the Morata community for taking a decisive stand in influencing their youths to hand over a recovered pistol and 19 rounds.

N’Dranou said a member of the community was instrumental in persuading the youths that instead of keeping the pistol and using it to commit more armed robberies or carjacking, they should hand it to police. Hence on September 16th, N’Dranou was present in a short ceremony to receive the firearm.

“The people in Morata have demonstrated that they wanted peace and good order. It also shows a strong will by the leaders to achieve peace and good order in their community,” said N’Dranou.

“I would like to commend the youths, community members, residents of Morata, City Watch Inc members and the leaders of Morata 4 for handing in such a dangerous firearm to police.

“We can all make NCD safer by working in partnership to remove illegal firearms and any other offensive weapon in the hands of our youth within the community.”

N’Dranou has further urged all residents within the nation’s capital to take ownership of law and order by abiding by the law, persuading youths to do the same and reporting to police crimes and criminals in the neighbourhood using the toll free number.

The initiative between police and the Morata 4 community has resulted in, among others, the creation of City Watch Inc to coordinate the youths and public to involve themselves in upholding peace and good order, training of youths on conflict resolution and mediating trivial cases instead of taking it to Waigani Police Station.

(Chief superintendent Perou N’Dranou with the surrendered firearm and rounds)

Carmella Gware