NCC lock in 100 Duran Farm allotments

The National Cultural Commission (NCC), signed a deal recently to secure 100 allotments from the State allocated land at Duran Farm which is managed by the National Housing Corporation (NHC)

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed last week to move this project.

The Duran Farm came about in 2014 after the National Executive Council gave the approval to implement the Public Servant Housing Program to relieve the public servants from the housing dilemma.

NHC Principal Legal Officer Abel Tol clarified that under the new management, NHC to date has actually progressed with the project.

“I just want to give you the confidence that, unlike previous management, we’d like to settle all legal issues related to Duran Farm, disputes with land owners and previous contractors. We were also given advice from the State Solicitors Office giving all the clearance and full backing from the current Marape-Rosso Government with a budget allocation of K26 million for next year for Duran Farm alone,” Tol said.

NHC has already signed three other MoUs. The NCC is the fourth government agency to ink the deal.

Mr. Tol said NHC has 2500 allotments. Government departments and agencies, including NCC, who have signed MoUs, have locked in 100 allotments.

NCC boss Steven Kilanda is thankful this MoU will relieve public servants wanting to own a home in the near future.

“This move to secure 100 houses under the Government Public Service Scheme is in alignment with our new 10-year cultural policy we have developed. We will not secure all 100 homes at the same time but are slowly working towards ensuring NCC achieved its goal of securing 100 houses for its staff in the year 2032.”

The NCC has set up a housing committee that will work towards pursuing this major project, under the Ministry of Tourism, Art, and Culture as management of the commission.

Carol Kidu