NCC Farewells Tourism Minister

The National Cultural Commission (NCC) hosted a farewell dinner yesterday honouring Minister for Tourism, Arts & Culture and Member for Samarai Murua, Isi Henry Leonard.

The event was hosted to celebrate the goals he had achieved during his term, paving the way forward in Tourism, Arts and Culture.

NCC Board Chairman and Secretary Department of PM & NEC, Ambassador Ivan Pomaleu when delivering the welcome speech, mentioned how one of the most vocal agendas that have been achieved with the NEC through the Minister’s commitment, was the approved policy.

“On behalf of the board, I thank you for your foresight in realizing that statutory agency cannot continue on functioning without the policy which gives direction to its mandate. It was your effort that saw the appointment of new members that were actioned in the NCC board after the last one expired in April 2016.”

NCC Executive Director, Steven Enomb Kilanda commended the Minister on behalf of NCC for the many achievements that came into fruition under his leadership and guidance.

Leonard took the stage to give his appreciation speech stating that he never expected his farewell be observed on his behalf and thanked the NCC team and the Tourism Promotion Authority.

He added that tourism is the way forward in this country through arts and culture.

Carol Kidu