Nationwide strike looming

A nationwide strike is imminent if the Transport Department fails to resolve the outstanding salary discrepancies for the employees of National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service officers are giving the Transport Department until close of business on Thursday, April 5th, to address this issue.

In the petition presented by workers of National Weather Service to the Secretary of Transport Department, Roy Mumu, on Friday March 16th, they demanded their salary discrepancies be addressed by pay 7 on Wednesday March 28th.

Following the petition, the Weather Service workers served a 21-day notice for Transport Department to respond.

In a phone interview today, spokesperson for the National Weather staff, Lawrence Aumora, told this newsroom that the revised salary structure was not honoured in pay 7.

The employees are yet to receive a formal document from Secretary Mumu justifying why the matter has not been addressed or when it is expected to be resolved.

Furthermore, Aumora said the 21-day notice will lapse on Friday April 6th and if the Transport Department fails to comply, weather officers nationwide will stop work.

Aumora said they have approached this matter professionally from the beginning and will maintain this until Thursday.

Weather officers will have a briefing with their management tomorrow but at this stage, Aumora said there is a high possibility of a nationwide strike.

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Carolyn Ure