National Education plan launched

Under the recently launched National Education plan 2020- 2029 the Education Department emphasized the need to give each child 13 years of education.

The government believes the reforms under the plan will better equip children to make a positive contribution to the country.

The 10-year plan was launched by Prime Minister James Marape and the Education Department on Friday, 11th of June 2021. 

Under the reforms in the 10- year plan, the education system will give every child 13 years of education regardless of their economic situation, geographical location or gender and disability.

Education Minister Jimmy Uguro said this means that students will start at prep and must complete grade 12.  Grade 12 certificate will be the only recognized secondary school certificate.

“In this plan, I am delighted to announce that for the first time, since independence we will be providing early childhood education. 13 years of equal opportunity for all students regardless of geographical location, economic circumstances, gender and disability, and the introduction of citizenship and Christian values as a compulsory subject,” said Minister Uguro.

Education Secretary, Dr. Uke Kombra said the NEC has approved the policy and will go into full implementation.

“The implementation of the National Education plan 2020-2029 is crucial and calls for collective effort and dedication and commitment as well as adequate allocation of resources,” added Dr. Kombra.

Prime Minister Marape also called on parents and the education department including stakeholders and all levels of government to make it their business that the children of PNG receive the education that they deserve.

Jemimah Sukbat