National Disaster Centre Aids Ulawun

The National Disaster and Emergency Service (NDC) has swiftly mobilized aid for the affected communities in West New Britain. A presentation of K100,000 was made to Provincial Disaster Controller and Acting Provincial Administrator Leo Mapmani today.

Kupson Siga, Logistics and Communications Officer at NDC acknowledged the Provincial Disaster Office's proactive approach in responding to the disaster. He expressed admiration for the WNB office's effective coordination and organization, surpassing challenges faced by other provinces.

Leo Mapmani expressed gratitude, stating, “We have our officer from the National Disaster Centre, convey our appreciation to the Director General for the funding support. We are very grateful for the National Disaster to come down to support us financially for us to respond to the emergency that we have.”

He acknowledged the training and capacity-building efforts by the NDC, expressing confidence in the province's preparedness to address the ongoing emergency.

Superintendent Peter Barkie, Deputy Controller & Provincial Police Commander, commended the collaborative response during a recent conference, emphasizing the importance of the province taking the lead in its efforts. He expressed appreciation for the assistance received and called for sharing of experiences at the national level to benefit other disaster-prone provinces.

Barkie also highlighted the need to revisit the Disaster Management Act, adjusting figures to reflect the current standard of living.

In addition to the national support, the Chinese business community stepped in with relief supplies for those affected by the eruption. The relief supplies were loaded onto vehicles destined for Bialla, to be distributed to respective Care Centres.

The provincial authorities, along with assistance from the National Disaster Centre and the Chinese business community, are working collaboratively to ensure effective relief efforts and pave the way for a comprehensive response to the Mt Ulawun eruption.

Loop Author