Namani refutes accusations over plane crash

Hubert Namani, the Chief Commissioner of the PNG Accident Investigation Commission, has issued a public statement, refuting claims he was allegedly involved in the plane crash saga at Papa-Lealea a week ago today.

Namani stated that he found a post on social media which implicated him in the circumstances surrounding the 26th July plane crash.

He said, “(Her) original post stated in part: ‘How is Yamasombi's brother in law, Hubert Namani, Civil Aviation Manager at Jackson’s airport mooted to be implicated in the saga of the plane crash at Papa Lealea along with Yamasombi's nephew, a former PNGDF officer?’ The post was later edited and the relevant part now states ‘How is Yamasombi's brother in law, Hubert Namani of the PNG Accident Investigation Commission (AIC) mooted to be implicated…’

“As the Chief Commissioner and Chairman of AIC’s Board, I find the post misleading, erroneous and highly defamatory. I caution the public to not entertain such discussions and circulate these posts as they are fallacious and a sham designed and fabricated by supporters of the drug syndicate to unduly influence investigations and or discredit men leading the investigations,” Namani stated.   

He called on the public to be responsible and allow the AIC and all State agencies to do their work.

“We will not hesitate to make a complaint against the publishers, to the Police under Section 21 of the Cybercrime Code Act 2016.”

Press Release