Namah tribunal: PP to present reference

The reference outlining the list of allegations leveled against Vanimo MP, Belden Namah, was presented to the Leadership Tribunal when it resumed at 2pm today.

The tribunal hearing was adjourned from lunch time after it refused an application by Namah's lawyer.

Members of the Tribunal this morning dealt with an application regarding the process of the new tribunal's appointment.

His lawyer, Greg Sheppard, told members of the tribunal the previous one was not revoked and the due process followed in appointing this present tribunal was not right.

He argued that constitutional questions now arise in the appointment process and the tribunal cannot proceed because the instrument of revocation of the former tribunal has to be done.

Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin, in response, submitted the appointment of this tribunal is proper, and a stay on the previous tribunal has the effect of revocation.

Kaluwin said until he presents the reference outlining the number of allegations against the leader, there is no reference before the tribunal to compare the allegations from the previous one.

A short adjournment saw members of the tribunal refusing Namah's application.

The tribunal hearing will now proceed with the presentation of the reference by Kaluwin this afternoon.

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Sally Pokiton