Namah calls on OC to revive charges

Vanimo-Green MP, Belden Namah, is calling on the Ombudsman Commission and the Judiciary to revive any civil and criminal charges against all individuals who played a role in the 2011 political impasse.

Namah said this following the recommendation by the Leadership Tribunal on Monday for his dismissal.

The outspoken leader said he has been singled out following the events of the political impasse and will challenge the tribunal’s decision.

In a media conference this afternoon, Namah said from the outset that as a leader he is bound by the laws of the land and accepts any error of judgement on his part.

However he said the tribunal’s ruling on a single count was harsh and oppressive and he will challenge it.

“I accept that I am bound by the laws of the land, and in this instance, the Leadership Code of Conduct. I accept that there was an error of judgement on my part and I regret it.

“I am however, disappointed that the Tribunal has decided to recommend my dismissal on just a single count. I find this rather harsh and oppressive given the circumstances of the case.

“I will file for a judicial review in which I will raise various technical and legal issues. I will also apply for a stay of my dismissal pending the judicial review,” Namah said.

He said he has been singled out following the events of the political impasse in 2011.

He said despite a National Reconciliation between all parties following the impasse, he has been treated differently, and has called for the same treatment to others.

“The point I am making here is that serious actionable and constitutional breaches and violations, numerous actionable contemptuous conduct and numerous criminal and civil actions and counter actions have all been buried. So why then have I been singled out, pursued and pinned down over what I did?” 

Namah is willing to provide evidence to the OC and the judiciary against those involved in the impasse if charges are revived.

He said he will not be silenced and will push for justice.

“I will not be silenced. I will not rest until I get justice for myself and justice for the suffering and struggling Papua New Guineans due to high level corruption and economic mismanagement.”

Cedric Patjole