Namah apologises for events of 2011 political impasse

Leader of the Opposition and member for Vanimo-Green Belden Namah has again apologized to the family of late Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare, and the country for what transpired in the 2011 political impasse.

He said although he had already apologized on several occasions, it is only fitting to do it again as the body of the late Grand Chief Sir lies in state, in the Parliament chamber for the last time.
Namah also apologised to former Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia for storming the court house.
He clarified that his move during those times were politically motivated and not personal.
The special parliament session today was arranged in honour of the late Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare, before his funeral and departure to Wewak, layer this week.
More updates to come....

Freddy Mou