Nadzab collision: 7 deaths confirmed

Seven people are confirmed dead following the fatal accident at the Nadzab road, Morobe Province, over the weekend.

The deceased were four passengers on the 15-seater PMV bus and three from the five door LandCruiser, including an infant.

Graphic pictures of this fatal accident on Saturday morning were taken by onlookers and posted online, showing many injured persons and other passengers trapped in the vehicles.

Morobe PPC Augustine Wampe said the reports of the total number of injured and people involved in this accident in the early hours of January 13 are yet to be confirmed.

He said detectives are currently investigating the accident and will establish a full report sometime today with detailed information.

However, they have already confirmed that the five door was travelling towards Kabwum when it collided with the 15-seater bus travelling from Madang.

PPC Wampe said information derived states that the five door had overtaken an unidentified vehicle without realising that the 15 seater bus was travelling along the opposite lane.

He said this was one of the largest fatal accidents along the Markham Highway, which was unfortunate for the family and friends of the deceased.

He noted that although many people have come forward with different information regarding the accident, detectives on the scene will advise with detailed and accurate reports. 

Imelda Wavik