NAC, Morobe Govt Keen On Partnership

The National Airports Corporation is keen to forge partnership with the Morobe Provincial Government (MPG) to grow its non-aeronautical business.

This will help in supporting the Government’s aspirations to open market access and encourage economic participation by rural Papua New Guineans.

NAC met with the MPG in May and proposed a concept called ‘Economic Recovery Pathway through Agriculture and Fisheries Aviation’.

Governor Ginson Saonu told NAC that the concept would be a game changer for economic recovery and growth not just for Morobe but also for PNG.

This he said is because it will open up market access and put money in the pockets of rural farmers and fishermen.

 “As a provincial government, we want to see that Nadzab becomes more than just an international airport. We want it to transform the province and the lives of our people,” the Governor said.

He said: “We would like NAC to give us the old terminal building once the new terminal is built, so that we and our partners can bring in produce from the farmers in the districts and store them here and be transported for sale both domestically and overseas.”

The Governor also recommended that NAC look into establishing an entity called ‘Airport Authority’ who can act as a subsidiary of NAC to manage developments and investments taking place at the Nadzab Aerodrome.

NAC Acting Managing Director, Rex Kiponge is keen to see the partnership arrangements formalise into a MoU.

He said NAC is happy to collaborate with MPG because their proposal falls in line with NAC’s long-term growth strategy.

“We have plans to develop the Non Aeronautical side of our business. Most of our airports have become transit points and we want to change that to make our airports become a “point of destination”, so that our people can utilise infrastructure and facilities that we will put not just to travel but for other business as well.

 “We are also happy to partner with MPG in this program because it will support long term operational sustainability of Nadzab airport while providing regular income for rural farmers and fishermen,” Mr Kiponge said.

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