NA Candidates Endorsed

The National Alliance Party has endorsed candidates for the four open seats in East New Britain.

This was announced during the provincial party convention held at the Woolnough Vocational Training Centre in Raluana recently.

The four candidates are, Malakai Tabar (Gazelle Open), Fr. Benedict Tati (Pomio Open) Coleman Tamsak (Rabaul Open) and Ekonia Walom (Kokopo Open).

Secretary General of NA Party, Walter Schnaubelt who addressed the convention said he wants to introduce a new way of doing things.

“It is about time that the budget originates from the people so they have a say and the Member of Parliament follows the budget accordingly.

“We need leaders who will listen and set up mechanism where the budget implementation returns to the people for their benefit,” he said.

Minister Schnaubelt said he will assist the MPs who win under NA banner, on their budget to adopt some of the things that are taking place in Namatanai.

“We need to look at the Namatanai concept of ‘Stretim Ai Dua Pastem’ which supports Small to Medium Enterprise and empowers economically each family.

“When we empower our people with the means of earning a living, they will be able to meet their own needs and determine their own level of living standards,” he said.

Minister Schnaubelt told the candidates that NA has the support mechanism and he is willing to work with them.

“I will work with you and my commitment to you will stand now and continue after the elections.” He further stated, “I commit myself to give all the advice to the NA MPs, I’m ready to share what I have piloted in Namatanai and it’s working well for my people.”

“We need to start bringing changes to the door steps and that’s what NA Party is trying to do within the New Guinea Islands region.

“If you want to be an effective participant for change then get yourself on the common roll so you can justify your complains after the elections.

“Let’s set the right platform for the next generation coming through Limited Preferential Voting,” Minister Schnaubelt said.

NA Secretary and Public Officer Joyce Grant, urged women to participate because politics serves both gender and their votes are equally important.

She also announced that NA is endorsing four women candidates and there are more expected.

“NA is user-friendly so women need to get involved and make decisions with the men because it affects you, who you put in the chair,” Grant said.

NA Party Treasurer Tom Bullen, said NA had always fostered relationship with other parties for the benefit of this country.

He urged the people of East New Britain to support the candidates who are intending to run under the NA Party because it is a party that has a lot of experience.

Meanwhile, new NAP ENB branch executive members were elected during the convention. They include Sebastian Vuari (Chairman), Ronnie Kamure (Deputy Chairman), Trevor Pasman (Treasurer), Levi Poipoi (Secretary) and Jessie Hereman (Women’s Representative).

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