Muthuvel hailed for fulfilling commitment

West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel has not wasted time in fulfilling his commitments after getting reelected to office for the second term.

Muthuvel on Tuesday presented a cheque of K200,000 to Malilimi Primary School as school grant laid under the trust account.

This follows the recent opening of a double classroom for the same school in April just before the opening of writs.

Malilimi Primary School board chairman, Khairul Zanel, heaped praise on Muthuvel for keeping his word.

Meantime, Muthuvel thanked NBPOL for creating opportunities for children living in the vicinity of the school for a better future through education.

"Education is the master key to unlock all doors," he stressed.

“Education, being the master key, is similar to a hotel manager’s version of a master key, as a single guest, you cannot open all room doors, but if you have access to this master key, you can open any door you want.

“In this scenario, doors represent our potential and can also represent opportunities.

“The key is education and education also comes with the right kind of attitude.”

Freddy Mou