Muthuvel commends split of Talasea

West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel has described the decision to split the Talasea electorate as a step in the right direction for the province’s wealth distribution and service allocation.

He said while the ground work for functions and powers is yet to be done, the decision is overwhelmingly welcomed by the people of West New Britain. 
“Many valid points were raised by my brother MPs - while some I disagree with, others I believe need to be deliberated on more, my main concern was for WNB to finally have a new district to be serve our people more efficiently and equally.
“And indeed the milestone has come into fruition. 
“I cannot speak for other provinces and districts, but for far too long West New Britain has been appealing for greater resources to support our large population that falls under just two districts, and yet they have a far greater land mass than some other districts. In fact, while others have recently called for splitting of their electorates, West New Britain and Talasea specifically has fulfilled the requirements to be split for quite some time now. 
“It will be my undertaking with the Member for Talasea Francis Maneke to support the tangible creation of the new district and all its functions in the remaining time for elections,” Muthuvel said. 
Maneke has already given his own financial undertaking from the Talasea DDA to establish the Nakanai DDA. 
Muthuvel further pointed out that the debate on new electorates varies from province to province, but for WNB, it is a different scenario as all people from all over the country live in Kimbe.
“With a population of almost 300,000+ just in Talasea alone, how can the same K10 million DSIP serve the district equally to that of which districts with less than 30,000 population with the same amount?
For example districts such as Abau and Rabaul, who have populations of less than 50,000 people. 
With the new Nakanai District, it will focus on Hoskins LLG, Mosa LLG, Central Nakanai LLG and East Nakanai LLG. 
“More will be said on this matter in the coming weeks, but for now, I wish to thank the house for supporting this move today and ask for the support from all in WNB as we journey into unchartered waters of establishing a new electorate.”

Loop Author