Muthuvel appeals for Gov’t support

​The WNB Governor, Sasindran Muthuvel, has appealed to the National Government for a fair distribution of impact projects in the 2018 budget.

He said during these tough economic times which is predicted to last for at least the next two to three years, the Government must give assurance to support at least 1 or 2 impact projects for all 22 Provinces as compensation for the slash in PSIP and DSIP.

“I appeal to the National Government to have mercy on the Provinces and equalize the distribution of funding in the name of development and to give serious consideration to those that contribute immensely to the economy and are prone to disaster,” he stressed.

He strongly appealed to the Government to capture what it had committed for West New Britain including;

  • The Talasea Ring Road which was captured in the 2014 Budget but never eventuated due to the Government’s decision to retrieve the K10 million funding, two (2) weeks after it was released in November 2014 to the National Department of Works.

Muthuvel said the funding was taken back and put into Treasury as consolidated revenue and was diverted to preparations for the hosting of the Pacific Games.

He added that although instructions were issued for the reinstatement of the funds nothing has eventuated.


  • Hoskins-Koimumu road where the Provincial Government honored its side of the bargain by putting its K1 million counterpart funding but are still waiting for National Government’s funding as promised;
  • Four lane road commitment between the Indian and Papua New Guinea Government during the Indian President’s visit to the country which is pending on the Government to facilitate for it to see it come to fruition.

Governor Muthuvel said as a matter of fact now would be an ideal time to make this funding offered by foreign exchange banks available to bring foreign exchange into the country.


  • The Kimbe-Kandrian Road of which part funding was already released with the remaining balance still pending for release to the Department of Works.

Muthuvel also appealed to government to seriously look into the matter stated as this is a basic infrastructure that will link hundreds of thousands of people living in the area.

Furthermore, he said it will greatly have positive impact on the Oil Palm Industry, commuting students and individuals.

Freddy Mou