Musave Community Health Post opened

It was a joyous day for the community of Musave in Kainantu district to finally witness the opening of their own Community Health Post closer to home.

The people have been deprived of proper health care services for many years due to distance in accessing health care facilities.  

The Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority (EHPPHA) together with the local Member and Minister for Mining, Johnson Tuke recently officiated the opening of the brand new facility. 

Locals came in numbers to welcome the guests with traditional singing and dancing, and marching by local church groups. 

The clinic was built with funding support by the Provincial Health Authority and the Asian Development Bank. It cost approximately K5 million.

Minister Tuke vowed to work in harmony with the local communities, the district and the Provincial Health Authority in supporting their programs. He said health service is a government priority. 

EHPPHA Deputy Chairman Tau Amevo said the opening of a new health post heralds the rerouting of the PHA’s method of providing health service to the community. 

“We’re used to Aid post, we’re used to health centres and all that. Now we redirecting our attention to community health post throughout the LLGs.  

“Each LLG will get two or three community health post. And we have to roll out this program and one facility costs us K5million,” Amevo said.

Thus he said the PHA will need partners to work with the PHA.

“I’m pleased today to see MP for Kainantu Hon. Johnson Tuke to stand with us and commit in public that he will work with us the EHPHA. As chairman I am very pleased.  

“Through health we bring about a productive society. Productive society is the essence to development. We’re a developing country. Every day we’re facing changes, we got to change,” Amevo added.

In the meantime, EHPPHA CEO Dr. Joseph Apa said the EHPPHA is also working on providing a reliable water supply and electricity to the health post. He said electricity supply comes from solar and a generator, while water is being gathered in catchment water tanks for a start. In the future, the EHPPHA intends to establish a more reliable and regular water supply from the creek.

Frieda Kana