Murder suspect, two escapees apprehended

Three suspects who committed crime from three separate incidents were apprehended by Lae police earlier this week.

The first was a suspect involved in a murder at Vee Street, Top Town earlier this year.

CID Lae has been looking for him for some time as he had gone into hiding.

With the help of community residents on information, police were able to locate him East Taraka on Thursday night around 10 pm.

The raid and apprehension of the suspect was a joint effort between the Omili police, SRU 103 and the CID.

Two other suspects who had escaped from Buimo Correctional Services were also apprehended by police.

Police apprehended one at the Miles area who was charged the second time for escaping and other crimes that were committed in the Miles area whilst he was still on the run.

He has since been brought back to Buimo CS.

The second of the two was an escapee from the 2016 mass breakout at Buimo.

He was arrested by police at the back road area.

He was alleged to have and has been positively identified to have held up a mobile phone company sales team along the back road while they were out on a product promotions run.

He had in his possession a homemade gun and other weapons.

He has been involved in crimes as well as terrorizing the community along the back road of Lae.

Lae police boss, Anthony Wagambie Jnr commends his men and the residential community for their support and assistance in having identified and apprehended the men.

Annette Kora