Murder, robbery suspect apprehended

A murder and armed robbery suspect was apprehended by Fox 202 members at Five-Mile, Gordon’s.

The NCD-Central Command reported that the suspect, Thomas Inaro (JUX) who is from Gora village, Afore District of Northern Province, resides at ATS Second Block.

“This suspect was involved in a robbery at Westpac-Waigani which then led to the murder of an innocent male from Southern Highlands Province about two weeks ago,” said police.

“He was the one who pulled the trigger and his accomplices robbed the deceased’s money and they all escaped at that time.”

Fox 202 set up an intelligence source at 5-Mile and managed to apprehend this suspect at the 5-Mile bridge. They then handed him over to CID Homicide for further investigation.

“Police are continuing to arrest suspects involved in crime in the city and therefore, requesting public cooperation as well for a safe and a peaceful city.

“Communication through the toll-free number: 1800 100, has been effective, leading to many arrests since its introduction.

“Thus, we urge you to report anything suspicious via the police toll-free number provided.

“Let us all work together for a safe and livable city.”

Press release