MTDP III is ambitious: Maru

The Medium Term Development Plan III has been labeled as the most ambitious development plan in the history of PNG.

The Five Year Plan was launched last night by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and National Planning and Monitoring Minister, Richard Maru, in a gala event in Port Moresby.

Witnessed by VIPs from the public and private sector, diplomatic corp, government, and special interest groups, the  MTDP III Plan is said to be the most bild and ambitious plan the government will undertake.

Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru said in a nutshell the plan Inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

“The Medium Term Development Plan III is the most ambitious development of any Government since Independence,” said Maru.

“We have a five year investment plan locked into the plan for the first time in our history.”

Some of the big ticket items include four new National Highways, four new major wharves, and the opening of all airstrips around the country.

Minster Maru also said vital services such as education, health, and law and order will also be looked at.

“This plan will cost us K27.2 billion to fund. This is an ambitious plan.”

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill called on the country to take ownership of the plan and be proud of the country as it moves forward.

“Be proud of yourselves. You country is going places,” said O’Neill.

He added “when you talk yourself down you think that you cant do it, that is why you are looking back. The back is not your future. the front is you’re future,” said the Prime Minister.

Cedric Patjole