Mt Hagen rubbish pile annoys Parkop

The sight of rubbish piled up within the vicinity of Western Highlands’ capital annoyed National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop.

Parkop, who was in the country’s third city yesterday, urged Mt Hagen residents to be more responsible and city authorities to do more.        

“Piles of rubbish everywhere in Mt Hagen (is) a sad testament to the management of our third city and the values that people in Mt Hagen and WHP subscribe to,” Parkop posted on Facebook.

“It’s about ownership and responsibility. In the villages, wards and districts of Western Highlands Province, they take pride and responsibility and care for their villages.”

The NCD Governor is now in Mul-Baiyer Electorate, and said the province is blessed with a beautiful geography and environment, and the villages are cleaner than the provincial capital.

“We had this problem before in Port Moresby. Gradually we are changing that.

“The big challenges of our nation will not be achieved unless we also overcome this basic challenge too,” Parkop said.

(Picture source: NCD Governor Powes Parkop Facebook page) 

Charles Yapumi