MP visits electorate for Independence

The district of Tewae-Siassi in Morobe Province celebrated PNG’s 46th Independence anniversary with their local MP.

Open MP and Vice Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Dr Kobby Bomareo, made his first stop at Wasu, where he presented K35,000 to the people to continue with the celebrations into the weekend.

Dr Bomareo then stopped over at Sialum, where a soccer tournament was underway.

The Tewai-Siassi District Development Authority (TSDDA) chairman presented K35,000 to the organising committee of the Sialum soccer tournament to equally award the teams that participated.

“Independence is all about remembering our past lives and leaving bad habits and changing for the better,” Dr Bomareo said.

“If we the people of Sialum start to give up on bad habits and work together to start up small SMEs and other sustainable initiatives, the positive effect will influence Wasu LLG, Siassi LLG and the whole of the electorate and eventually, Morobe and the rest of PNG.

“We must persevere to be independent economically.”

From Sialum, the MP boarded a chartered flight and flew to Siassi Island.

Residents gathered at the Siassi Lutheran High School to officially mark 46 years of independence with traditional singsing and games.

Food and drinks were merrily shared among the different groups of people who congregated at the school.

The first term MP presented K35,000 to the independence committee to cater for the groups who participated in traditional singsings, games and other related activities on the island.

Dr Bomareo encouraged his Siassi people to work together and be part of the changing world instead of being isolated, as his administration has equally prioritised the Siassi LLG from Wasu and Sialum.

He paid tribute to the late Grand Chief Sana and passed Tewai-Siassi’s humblest gratitude and acknowledgment to the Somare family, the people of Angoram and the East Sepik Province for wholeheartedly sharing their patriotic and charismatic father with the rest of PNG.

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