MP outraged over rape incident

Member for Koroba, Lake-Kopiago, William Bando lashed out against the Police Recruitment process for not considering an acceptable number of candidates from Hela Province in the current police recruitment drive.

He made a call during the Parliament session this week, while expressing anger at the hideous rape and abduction of 17 young students in remote Bosavi, Southern Highlands.

The story made headlines in the press today.

The front page headline ‘17 female students raped, held captive’ in one daily newspaper today captured the attention of an outraged Member for Koroba-Lake Kopiago William Bando. MP Bando reacted during question time in Parliament, as he illustrated a breakdown in law and order.

“Acting speaker, places like Dodomona, Ujia, Walagu, Mt. Bosavi, today we read about 17 young women who are humans, held hostage in these places.

“Fellow members of Parliament, people of PNG, all these places are unknown to the government, no government officials has ever been to these place. There is no government services reaching these people and yet they’re making headlines. And they are girls, these are human beings,” Bando said.

He continued with expressing a lack of response by relevant authorities.

“I have spoken to the police Minister, Governor for Hela was present. Policing in Hela is no ordinary policing, there are no houses for policemen and women from elsewhere to come. There are no proper logistics. We have only been a province like 10 years now. And what’s happening now in Mt. Bosavi is a repeat of what we’ve seen some time back,” he added.

Bando went on to question the police recruitment exercise, saying that from Hela Province, only five applicants were shortlisted from the 195 that applied.

“And I’m aware that there’s a MoU being drafted for 200 reservist to be training. We are not asking for reservists.

“We have got a police structure approved. 479 positions approved and we will not allow, the situation on the ground doesn’t allow policemen and women from elsewhere to come and live and serve and work in Hel,” Bando said.