MP disputes police barracks site

Usino-Bundi MP, Jimmy Uguro, has called on the government to have proper consultations with him over development projects that impact his district.

Among the concerns he raised was the plan to establish a mobile police barracks at Ramu, Madang Province, which he says is not realistic because it is not a central location.

“I appeal to the Commissioner of Police and the Police Minister, Prime Minister and Minister for National Planning, to revisit the decision and relocate the establishment of the (Mobile) Police Barracks to the Walium District Headquarters,” Uguro said.

The member for Usino-Bundi said Walium Station is the central area for the dispatch of police personnel because government services, public servants and importantly, state land belonging to police, was available.

He insisted that Ramu is isolated.

“Without consultation of the local member like myself, they went ahead and planned a ground breaking ceremony.

“It won’t cater for any emergencies because of distance. We have lots of killings and hold ups on the Madang/Lae highway, even in the mountainous region of Usino and Madang.

“To reach these areas from Ramu is unrealistic. These areas can be reached easily from Walium Station,” he argued.

Unfortunately, the ground breaking ceremony at Ramu took place recently.

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Jacob Singura, said he was the only government official from Madang who attended.

MP Uguro was disappointed that the Madang Provincial Government had not been part of discussions over the police barracks project, let alone invited to the ground breaking ceremony.

“Otherwise I have the support of the Police Commissioner and the Minister. The Minister has promised to give six new houses to police in my district,” he said.

Salome Vincent