MP Defends Mass Eviction Call

The Member for Moresby South has defended his call for a mass eviction on settlers from Goilala, living in the Moresby South electorate.

Justin Tkatchenko emphasised his call after the Governor for Central, Robert Agarobe, took to social media, criticising the MP for not allowing the people of Goilala living in his electorate to participate in development initiatives in Moresby South.

Tkatchenko said: “Enough is enough. I made an announcement on Friday that we will remove and evict problem makers in Moresby South. I stand by that.”

In a social media post, Governor Agarobe stated there are no jobs reserved for the Goilala people because all jobs, contracts and services are being given to the Motu Koita people.

He also claimed this has frustrated his Goilala people, because they are being marginalised.

The Central Governor said the call for eviction by Tkatchenko has no long-term solution, and will only force (the Goilala settlers) into other parts of the city, fuelling already existing ethnic differences and squatting.

The Moresby South MP responded saying his priority as an MP is to have a safe and sound environment.

Tkatchenko added he has attempted to work with Agarobe regarding the issues as well.

“I put the ball in his court when he came up with all this comments and Facebook posts. The situation is I put it to him and I said in a text to him ‘I will wait for you to come to me and let’s resolve this issue together’,” the MP said.

On Friday June 11th, the Moresby South MP announced eviction exercises will be carried out for all people of Goilala residing in settlements in his electorate.

His call comes following four separate attacks on residents in his electorates, allegedly by members of the Goilala community residing in settlements Rabiagini, Sabama, Two-Mile Hill and Vadavada, where he intends to evict.

A long-time resident of Two-Mile Hill, Andrew Hama, whose brother was a victim of a recent attack allegedly by members of the Goilala community there, welcomed the news.

Melissa Wokasup