MP calls for probe in OTML staff sacking

North Fly MP, James Donald has called on the Minister for Mining, Johnson Tuke, to immediately intervene and direct investigations into the sacking of a group of Ok Tedi Mine employees in Western Province.

Donald said the Mining Minister must ensure an investigation is conducted to determine whether the termination of 100-plus workers by OTML was proper and lawful.

His call comes after the company management terminated more than 100 of its employees on Tuesday for staging a protest against the company.

OTML said their industrial action was illegal as it did not follow the grievance process and was not supported by the union.

They were served with termination letters on the evening of that same day (Tuesday) to leave.

Donald said sacking of employees in that manner and in such big number was concerning as it was signaling something worst coming.

He said he was concern about the welfare of the sacked-Papua New Guinean workers and their families and he wanted the relevant authorities including the Mining minister to immediately look into this matter.

“As Member for the host district of the Ok Tedi Mine, I’m very concerned about the welfare of those who have been sacked including their families because their welfare is paramount,” Donald said.

Freddy Mou