MP calls for independent quake report

Member for Komo-Margarima, Manasseh Makiba, has called on the Government to engage an independent team of researchers to find out the exact cause of the earthquake on February 26.

Makiba’s constituency in Hela is one of the worst hit areas following the devastating 7.5 magnitude earthquake.

The MP said there is a lot of speculation and confusion and the people want answers.

In a media conference, Makiba said a factual report on the cause of the earthquake was needed to dispel the rumours and speculation that are rife.

He said this must be done immediately to put to rest speculation that the major resource projects in the area are responsible for the earthquakes, which was propagated by segments of the community.

The MP, who is in the capital for an election dispute case, said since the disaster struck, he has been in the electorate.

He said it is chaotic on ground and the current response time has been slow, and called for more support to state agencies to carry out relief.

Makiba said he will be releasing K100,000 of K300,000 for relief efforts from the District purse. He also confirmed that the Prime Minister has released K2 million in DSIP to assist in the exercise if need be.

He thanked the Government, resource companies, groups and agencies currently assisting in relief efforts.

Cedric Patjole