Motion filed to dismiss sim registration challenge

A motion is now before the Waigani National Court to dismiss the case that was filed last month challenging the sim card registration process.

The state filed the motion on Tuesday, seeking the dismissal of the entire legal challenge against telecommunication regulator NICTA.

The matter briefly went before Justice Ere Kariko on Wednesday for directions where the state informed the court of the motion. It will be heard next week Monday.  

The state will be asking the court to dismiss the legal challenge on the main ground, the plaintiff, Baundo Francis, has no reasonable cause of action in the proceeding he filed.

Francis, who claims to represent the majority of people in the rural areas, filed the case last month, seeking to have the court order for the entire registration process to be made flexible or voluntary.

He also filed a motion which will be moved in court next week Monday, one day before the extended deadline of January 23.

He is questioning the validity of the NICTA Act and Regulation that led to the process of the SIM card registration that is currently being carried out by telecommunication companies.

NICTA CEO Charles Punaha was present in court but reserved comments regarding the case.

Sally Pokiton