Most fights caused by drunkards in Madang

Most of the fights reported to police within Madang town and also outside of town, were caused by drunkards.

Madang Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said police were present to contain the situation by cautioning drunkards sending them home. 

"The cause of these were all cheap alcohol related. I had been stressing more on the sale and consumption of these cheap alcohol that people who own liquor shops in the province are selling. I want the authorities to address the issue of cheap sales of liquor,” Rubiang said.

The PPC said the fights reported were at LBC between people residing in Wagol settlement. The other fight was at BMR settlement, while others were reported from outsides of town.

Rubiang said police were on full alert and responded swiftly to the fights. No serious incidents were reported. He has yet to confirm the law and order situation from other parts of the province. 

(Police officers stopping a fight between the youths of Luan and Jets Street at Newtown. Picture courtesy of Madang police.)

Sylvester Wemuru