Morobeans against DSTP

Morobeans are continuing to raise their voices against the proposed Wafi-Golpu deep-sea tailings placement.

Representatives from the Evangelical Lutheran Church Lae Circuit aired their concerns at a recent gathering at the remote Bambok village of Nawaeb district.

They are saying no to DSTP because they do not want an incident similar to the 2019 Ramu NiCo slurry spill that polluted the marine life of Basamuk Bay in Madang Province.

Locals say the disposal of mining wastes into the Huon Gulf would spell disaster for the marine ecosystem, which would greatly affect their livelihood and their children’s future.  

Speaking at the Youths, Geyamsao and Sunday School Lae circuit conference at Bambok village, Geam Danny from the St Philip Parish voiced her reservations on the potentially hazardous practice.

“Mi stap lo maunten na mi mas wari lo ol pipol blo mi lo nambis bikos nogut displa bagarap go bai kisim ol nambis tu,” she said.

“Insait lo National Wokmeri Conference tu, mipla wok lo toktok lo displa bagarap blo solwara tu. Tingting blo mipla insait lo 17 distrik insait lo ELCPNG em mipla wari lo solwara blo mipla i noken bagarap lo dampim ol pipia lo nambis blo mipla.”

Speaking on behalf of the Lae Circuit youths, Simon Patrick from the St Matthew Parish of Yalu village said they have been conducting awareness around the province on the damages that the pipeline will bring.

“Papamama blo mipla ol tingting lo mani tasol so planti ol alawim disla samting lo kam bat mipla ol pikinini mipla skelim olsem, bai yupla dai i go na bai mipla stap olsem wanem lo bihain taim blo mipla? Em mipla ol yangpla na i gat ol liklik nau tasol ol i bon kam antap so mipla no laikim samting lo kam insait lo provins blo mipla na ples blo mipla wanwan.”

Grade Three student from the Labu-Butu Primary School, Nasunu Asunu, shared that her family’s livelihood depends on the fish her father catches. He sells them for income while her mother uses coral to make lime, or kambang, to sell. She asked that the pipeline not run through her village.

(Locals at Bambok village of Nawaeb district)

Carmella Gware