Morobe seasonal workers program progresses

The process to recruit seasonal workers from Morobe Province is entering its final stages and should see its first seasonal workers sent off shortly.

President and Director for PNG Seasonal Workers Association Inc., Lucy Singe, shared that all relevant papers are completed and will be endorsed next week for the first 150 people to travel.

She said the documents for the first 150 are ready and will be submitted on Monday to send the first workers to Australia.

“Once papers are done we will wait for Australia’s call to send the workers over,” she added.

Since the signing of the MoU last year between the PNG Seasonal Workers Inc. and Governor for Morobe, Luther Wenge, work has been progressing to send 3,000 Morobeans for seasonal work in Australia and New Zealand.

“I ran this program for eight years and so far in 2023 Governor Luther Wenge came to sign a MoU with us. We worked together all of 2023 and he funded us with K1million.

“So far we have 3,000 seasonal workers across Morobe’s 10 districts and their relevant documents are ready to send them to Australia for seasonal work. We came a long way, last week Governor signed the endorsement paper and gave it to Labour Mobility Unit under Treasury Department. I want to say thank you to LMU and Minister for Labour for signing and stamping the papers to go ahead and bring to the treasury department to end the first lot for seasonal work,” she added. 

Loop Author