Morobe plans for Kumul TV

The Morobe Provincial Government plans to set up its own TV station, called Kumul TV, to compete against other existing television stations.

Morobe Governor, Luther Wenge, said K1 million will be allocated to ensure the TV station gets its licence to operate by end of 2023.

“Nau mipla laik setim TV so that planti singsing blo yumi, planti kalsa blo yumi, planti pasin blo yumi, planti lotu blo yumi, wanem kainkain stail blo yumi, yumi mas promoutim lo TV.”

Governor Wenge is going ahead with this idea despite criticism from the public, mostly pointing to the existence of the two state-owned television stations that the provincial government could utilise instead of spending taxpayers’ money on another new TV station.

Concerns have been raised that the MPG would spend less by entering into a partnership with existing stations to promote Morobean content, as establishing a TV station would mean coming up with a corporate structure, the buying of expensive broadcast equipment, generating content and sustaining its operations – all of which would cost more than K1 million.

Carmella Gware