Morobe’s second ‘School of Academy’ declaration

A second school in Morobe Province was declared a “School of Academy” on Monday, the 14th of September. This comes after Zifasing Primary School’s declaration on Friday the 11th.

Sasiu Primary School, located on a mountain in Finschhafen district, was given this status following its official opening.

The Sasiu Primary School of the Burum-Kuat LLG in Finschhafen graduated its first batch of Grade Eight students in 2018.

The school and its teachers’ houses were built under the initiative of local man Robin Bazzinuc, who is also the Morobe deputy administrator social sector.

The school caters to over 300 children of the mountain village of Siu, including neighbouring villages.

Speaking after the official opening of the school and its teachers’ houses, Morobe Deputy Governor, Willie Simbisi, commended Bazzinuc for taking a step forward for his village.

“Brother, you did it,” Simbisi told Bazzinuc. “This will become history. One day God i ken kisim yu na ba yu ken i go, bat ol tumbuna blo yu ol i kam bihain, stori ba foretell. Ol ba save wanpla man lo disla ples em i kamap depiti administreita, em i yusim save blo em; em no weitim gavman. Em mekim samting na em bringim gavman kam insait lo disla ples.”

Deputy Governor Simbisi, along with Bazzinuc, George Nalu from the deputy provincial administrator for infrastructure office, Provincial Education Advisor Keith Tangui and DPA corporate services, Miring Singoling, then cut the ribbon to signify Sasiu primary’s implementation of the 3-6-6 policy reform.

The provincial government further committed K300,000 to the school. Simbisi said the funding will be allocated in 2021 to ensure Sasiu fully achieves its school of academy status.

Other planned developments to benefit the area include a new high school for the Burum-Kuat LLG, the establishment of the Heldsbach Early Childhood Learning Teachers College and a tourism track that will retrace the paths of the missionaries in the 1980s. The track will run through the mountains of Burum-Kuat.

Carmella Gware