More strong winds and rain for southern PNG

Strong winds and rain will continue to affect the Southern Region of Papua New Guinea in July.

Assistant director of the PNG National Weather Service (PNGNWS) Jimmy Gomoga told Loop PNG that the strong winds and rain will continue due to the bouncing off effect of the trade winds.

Gomoga explained that as the trades winds come in they actually bounce off the Owen Stanley Range which results in rain during the dry season for the Southern Region.

He said despite the dry season expected from May to October, Southern region and some parts of the country had been experiencing rain due to this neutral weather conditions.

The neutral conditions are also causing some parts of the country to experience rain while other parts are without rain.

Gomoga further explained that they’re still monitoring the situation to see if PNG is likely to experience another drought in August.

“With the strong winds, people take heed of the warning in place for almost all coastal region areas.

“The small dinghies are not fit to travel in this strong wind weather condition so they should remain ashore while small crafts should take extra precaution before going out to sea,” Gomoga said.

Meantime, a renewal strong wind warning was issued by PNG NWS today for all coastal waters of Southern PNG, Daru, Kerema including all Milne Bay islands, Finschaffen, Siassi  to West New Britain and Manus.

Quintina Naime