More than 9,000 scored high grades: Minister

In 2016, 23,692 Grade 12 students from 154 national high schools, secondary schools and permitted schools sat for the National Exams.

Of the 23,692, a total of 9,999 students scored high GPAs of 2.3 and above.

“This is a massive increase of about 90 percent; in previous years only 5,000 students were admitted annually,” says Department of Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology (DHERST) Minister, Francis Marus.

“Also, a total of 16,228 students qualified at a GPA of 1.6 and above, meaning that any of these students could easily be admitted, both domestically or into overseas universities and colleges, in an ideal environment where there was sufficient space.”

Meanwhile, Marus says the 2017 national selections were undertaken smoothly for the first time. This was due to better coordination and integration between DHERST and the National Department of Education (NDoE).

“This also saw the eradication of cheating in schools,” reveals the Minister.

“As a result of positive public policy intervention in the higher education sector as well as in basic education, the overall quality of education is beginning to improve nationwide post-Outcome Based Education (OBE) era.

“The Tuition Fee Free (TFF) Policy of NDoE has resulted in a general turnaround in Grade 12 academic performance, particularly after the removal of the OBE. This Policy has set the platform for an increase in the number of Grade 12 school leavers.”

Furthermore, Marus says the national government realised the need to address the massive increases in the number of grade 12 school leavers.

“Thus, to complement the TFF Policy, there has been investments and achievements in the higher and technical education sector through support from the national government, donors and private sector.”

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