Morauta concerned with APEC preparations cost

Moresby North-West MP and former Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, has raised concerns in Parliament regarding the high level of enthusiasm and benefits from the people.

Sir Mekere claimed that billions of kina have been spent directly and indirectly in preparing for the APEC Summit in November in Port Moresby.

Sir Mekere, when raising concerns during Parliament today, described the Government’s spending as unnecessary.

He added that the nation and the people are on high expectation of the immediate and long term benefits to be unleashed beginning in November during the APEC Summit.

He further described the people’s expectations as ‘king tide prosperity’ that will drown out the nation’s sorrow and improve our economy.

“The people’s expectation from APEC is very high and hopefully they benefit from the event,” stated Morauta.

He went on and gave examples of unnecessary spending by the Government on APEC preparations.

However, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill responded by saying the Government is building all the infrastructure in preparation of the APEC Summit, which is not for point-scoring purposes but to showcase our country to the world.

“The benefits will not be achieved overnight, as alluded by the good Member for Moresby North-West.

“It will take time and our people have been encouraged to participate in the discussion with the investors that will be attending the Summit.”

The PM further clarified that the hosting of APEC Summit in the country this year is very cheap compared to other previous hosts.

He added that the Government has not spent billions in preparation of the Summit but has worked in partnership with, for example, the Chinese Government.


Freddy Mou