Missing child ends up in officer’s home

Three-year-old Rebecca Andrew was safely returned to her biological father yesterday at about 1.30pm.

On July 1st, without her family noticing, she ran after her elder brother who had gone to Kamkumung market in Lae.

Lae police said: “Along the way, she was enticed by a young man believed to be from Highlands, when he gave her a K2 and told her that they would buy lollies. He then got her on a PMV bus with him and travelled to the Raun Wara area.

“At the Raun Wara, he met a young woman from Eastern Highlands and gave her the child, telling her to take it. Sensing that the child did not belong to the man, she took the little girl and went straight to Eriku Police Base.”

Probational Constable Ishmael Wera, who is stationed with the Eriku Beat Unit Police, had to take young Rebecca home after waiting for a Missing Person report to be broadcasted on Police radio for the whole day.

At home, after feeling comfortable around his family, Rebecca gave some information of where she lived and her parents and siblings’ names.

PC Wera and little Rebecca returned to work on the morning of July 2nd.

“The father, after lodging a Missing Person report at Lae Central Station and on his way back to Kamkumung, decided to call into Eriku Police Base.

“He was shocked to see his daughter sitting with PC Wera at the duty counter. She had been fed well and taken care of.

“PC Wera verified all information with the father regarding identity. Rebecca also identified her father.

“Father and daughter have been reunited and have returned home.”

Police say while this is a positive story, there are many toddlers who have been taken away.

“We appeal to parents and guardians, please look after small children and be sure that they are secure at home. Do not lose sight of them as strangers can easily entice them and take them away.”

In response to the situation, Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said: “We are glad that young Rebecca was not harmed in anyway.

“We also appeal to members of the public, if you see anything suspicious like this situation, please call 7090 3300 or stop any passing Police Patrol.”

Press release