Miss PNG promotes good qualities

A triumph Orientation Day for the ‘Papua New Guinea Young Professional Women’s Network’ as Miss Pacific Islands, Josie Nicholas had the chance to speak to the young women at the University of Papua New Guinea.

The theme for the network was ‘An Influential Woman is a Woman of substance’ and Miss Nicholas who spoke about how she sees a woman of substance.

“I’d like to break down this theme into my own understanding with three main characters. Introspective, empathic and faithful. This is how I see a woman of substance.

“Be Introspective, we have to look at ourselves, what we want to be and what we want in life, we have to learn what makes us tick, what satisfies us in life and build on that. Once we know ourselves we are able to reflect that light onto others. Secondly be empathetic which is putting yourself into someone else’s shoes and understanding where that person is coming from.

“Thirdly be faithful, in everything you do always have faith in yourself and in Christ, I believe that you can do anything you set your mind to despite the risks and the setbacks,” stated Nicholas.

She acknowledged Founder and President of PNG YPWN Miss Shivonnie Sakme, for her passion and faith in the vision to bring young women together to build up network as upcoming professionals.

“Tonight, we will also have new members joining the group of amazing young women. You will all continue the mission set to promoting and sustaining indigenous women professionals vying together with the motto “networking to build not to break”, by standing upon the values of solidarity, integrity, transparency and originality. May I also add Accountability.

“I encourage all the women out there to join in we want to see young people make a difference because we are the agents of change. To everyone out there, I ask you to support the work that this powerful individuals are doing and always remember your network is your net worth. You are all influential women of substance and my team and I are truly honored to share this night with you,” Nicholas concluded.

Loop Author