Miss Pacific Islands promotes tourism

On Monday 1st May, Miss Pacific Islands served as an outstanding Cultural and Tourism Ambassador in Florida, USA.

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) sponsored Josie Nicholas as the representative of the Pacific Region to join the SPTO team for the 2023 Seatrade Cruise Global event that was held at the Broward County Convention Centre in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in March 2023.

Josie expressed her gratitude towards SPTO for supporting her platform and providing her with the opportunity to represent her amazing Pacific in the United States.

During the event, Miss Pacific Islands gained a tremendous experience and an understanding of the world of sea-cruising and its importance to the Pacific shores in benefiting from the massive tourism market.

The event witnessed the participation of over 85 countries from across the world, where different organizations came together to promote their services, ports, destinations, and much more.

Josie had the privilege to converse with different people, and through these interactions, she learned that there is a huge demand for tourists wanting to visit the Pacific Islands and that cruise tour operators want to send their cruise ships to the shores of the Pacific Islands.

Miss Pacific Islands, Josie Nicholas, utilized this opportunity to promote the Pacific as a tourism destination for all cruise lines. She shared about the 20 island nations under the Pacific Tourism Organization and highlighted the immense potential of the Pacific as a tourist destination.

Josie's efforts as a Cultural and Tourism Ambassador helped to showcase the beauty of the Pacific Islands, its rich cultural heritage, and the diverse range of experiences that it offers to tourists.

Currently, Josie Nicholas is preparing to represent the Pacific Region at the South Pacific Tourism Exchange that will be held in Christchurch, New Zealand, from 12th to 13th May. Her participation in this event is a testament to her commitment to promoting the Pacific Islands as a leading tourism destination in the world.

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