Mirisim welcome investigations

Defence Minister and Member for Telefomin Solan Mirisim says his referral to the Leadership tribunal is healthy for the Ministerial Office he occupies and the electorate he presents.

In a statement, the Minister said he will go to court till the final outcome is achieved, therefore he still remains the Minister for Defence and the member for Telefomin.

He said, “I am not guilty of any abuse or misconduct. I will go to court till the final outcome is out. For now, I will still be the Minister for Defence and Member for Telefomin.”

He appealed to his people of Telefomin to allow this investigation to take its course, as this is the normal process for all members of Parliament to go through when they fail to submit statements of annual returns.

“If a MP does not submit his annual statement, declare any income to his account or his wife or kids account, this happens,” said the Minister.

On Friday 4th of June, the Chief Justice of Papua New Guinea appointed a leadership tribunal to be headed by Justice Les Gavara-Nanu following a request by Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin under section 27 of the Organic Law on Duties and Responsibilities of leadership, referring the member to be investigated for misconduct in office.      

Jemimah Sukbat