Ministers to meet before parliament

Prime Minister, James Marape, is meeting with Parliamentary Ministers and Departmental heads today and through the weekend to update on work progress before parliament sits next week.

His announcement of minister and departmental meet also includes the forum with governors to address more functions in the Provincial level.

“We will go through what we have done in the first six months, what we have done since government formation last August for us to report to the country in the upcoming sitting of parliament,” said the Prime Minister. “The country expects to know what we have done thus far, myself Deputy Prime Minister and senior ministers will meet to ensure the country’s report card is ready.”

He forum will be hosted with governors starting this Sunday June 4, to Monday June 5 to look at governors’ issue and support the functions better.

PM Marape said, “Governors want more function at the provincial level. From our national government perspective, we will not stand in that space but tidy on what powers to be devolved to the provincial government.”

Loop Author