Minister Raminai thanks PM for Cabinet position

Member for Kagua-Erave Wesley Raminai has thanked Prime Minister James Marape for appointing him to Cabinet with Ministerial responsibility over Higher Education and Sports.

“On behalf of the people of my electorate and province (Southern Highlands), I want to thank Prime Minister James Marape for appointing me to Cabinet.
“It has been such a long time since the people of Kagua-Erave have had the honor and privilege of having their MP serve in the highest decision making body of executive government.
“I’m humbled by the confidence shown by PM Marape in selecting me over many of my equally capable colleagues to serve in this high office.”

Minister Raminai said the responsibilities over Higher Education and Sports were quite challenging, especially with ongoing disruptions caused by COVID-19.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has wrecked our economy, and caused disruption to the operations of many of our tertiary and technical institutions. Sporting programs have been canceled or reduced.
“These responses were necessary to stop the infection spreading, and to save lives. The government’s response to the pandemic has been swift and decisive.
“By adopting to the new normal, many institutions were able to conclude the year successfully.”

Minister Raminai said over the coming days, he would be consulting with experts within the Department of Higher Education on the status of the Marape Government’s policy interventions in the tertiary institutions.

The Minister will be getting a detailed briefing on the HELP program, an initiative of the Marape Government to ensure students have access to affordable loans to finance their studies.

He will also be meeting with heads of each of the nation’s universities and tertiary colleges, to ascertain their challenges and needs and what can be addressed by the government quickly.

In sports, he will also be receiving a briefing on whether competitions return to normal next year with venues fully opened to spectators, or whether there will be restrictions.

“I know all the different sporting codes have come up with a plan for how their will run their competitions next year. What we need is a coordinated approach so the government is well aware and happy that these plans take into account the health and well-being of everyone, especially with the pandemic not going away soon,” Minister Raminai said.

Freddy Mou