Minister to ensure ICAC bill gets tabled

Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Davies Steven, says he is committed to ensuring the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Bill is tabled in the next sitting of Parliament.

He said since taking on the role, he has already spoken with key governance agencies and there is already a movement to ensure necessary procedures are complied with to get the ICAC bill back on the agenda.

The Attorney General, however, says having the bill passed will not be as easy as they do not enjoy the numbers they had previously in the 9th parliament, as a constitutional bill requires a majority vote.

“I’m appealing to the leaders in the opposition ranks to support us in a partisan way and I’ve already taken the step to speak with them and seek their views. I’m doing a letter to them to express their comments on this bill.

“Although the bill has not been finalised in the last term, as the new Attorney General, I want to take an inclusive approach so that all leaders are given the opportunity to express their comments on the draft before we advance the bill in Parliament,” Steven said.

Cedric Patjole