Minister calls for extra classes for students

As the schools begin Term Four of 2020, the Education Minister is calling on all schools to arrange extra classes, remedial work and take-home work for students.

“Schools must prepare the students well before the examinations in two weeks’ time,” stated Minister Joseph Yopyyopy.

“Directions were issued for schools to return to normal on 9 June 2020. Consequently, the Secretary issued administrative instructions to all schools under the National Education System on the resumption of classes, revised term dates and national examination dates.

“This meant that all programmed and timetabled teaching and learning activities per day and per week were to have been covered every week from Monday to Friday starting on June 9.

“All schools were also instructed to review and reprogram teaching and learning programs to cover lost lessons by adding additional periods, including takeaway homework and other suitable strategies and also adjust internal assessment dates accordingly.

“COVID-19 has disturbed the academic year however, I advise schools and teachers to continue to be committed to our students, especially those in grades 8, 10 and 12 who will be sitting for their final exams this month.

“I would like to wish all the students all the very best in their exams in two weeks’ time.”

Press release